Daily News Roundup from Thailand

Today’s News Headlines from Thailand  are listed below, for the details, Click the audio link below to listen

DNA samples taken from both the suspected murder weapon and other items found at the scene on Koh Tao   are, according to a witness no longer available.

After a long investigation into a large group of illegal immigrants here,   officials determined that a portion were Turkish and the others from a Turkish speaking region of china, the Chinese were returned to their home country yesterday

A Bangkok University had a clear out of old unwanted literature, staff called in the recyclers to truck it out, they got the nominal fee, but accidentally sold 3 tons of rare books and documents

Pattaya City Hall has agreed to install additional cctv cameras on beach road, pointing this time in a different direction, they will monitor traffic.

Pattaya police arrested a local 35 year old estate agent accused of defrauding her customers.

  The financial crisis in China has caused a stir among those in the real estate market here who see Chinese middle classes as the latest market for condos

When a mum found out that her son was a suspected bank robber, she did what any mother would do, and phoned him at his foreign hideaway, but then things took a different turn