Whats On In Pattaya this weekend June 18

There’s always a whole lot going on in Pattaya, but as usual you mostly get to hear about it afterwards.

Fabulous 103fm offers a weekly update on whats happening in and around Pattaya .  You can hear it by clicking the link below


      19 Jun 2016 Pt2 - Whats On in Pattaya




2 Comments on Whats On In Pattaya this weekend June 18

  1. Reading your site, it seems to be taking its time to update. Today is 1July, but can only find last week’s info.
    Come of Fab103, keep it current.
    What is happening today?

    • nationwide problem this week sir. I agree very slow, as we have seen the same here. not sure why but its the internet here and not our site that is the root problem. thanks

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