Whats Happening at Pattaya City Hall.. the Real Story

Full podcast ( in two sections) of the meeting with Kuhn Rugby the right hand man of Pattaya’s mayor, Ittipol Khunplome


In the podcast he explains the real reason why, as of June, the position of Pattaya Mayor becomes vacant.

Nothing to do with Politics but in fact Our Mayor’s 4 year term comes to an end in June,.  Normally we would see an election but as that’s delayed.   The city regulations and those of the government prescribe that in the event that an elected mayor team is not possible, the city is run by a committee.

Yes, we are fans of the mayor, Ittipol Khunplome he has been a serious contributor to the good relationship between foreigners and the city.  But to clarify, no list of questions was given and  this was not scripted in any way.. thats not the way we work at Fab 103.. The interview was authorised by the Mayor who was at work in City hall when we arrived.


Will Kuhn Ittipol  run again for mayor, what is the future fo the city, what do they see as their biggest achievements?  all here in the podcasts

      Pattaya city hall 1


      Pattaya City Hall 2



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