Weekend News from Fab 103.. we are back on the airwaves in pattaya

A completely different news report for the weekend as Pattaya’s Fabulous 103FM is back on the air on the FM in Thailand.

Todays news includes

Pattaya’s Fabulous 103Fm returns to the airwaves today, after securing a permanent Radio Licence from Thailand’s Broadcasting Commission.

Friday saw the commission confirm the full approval and our team travel to ..

 Saturdays Fabulous Lineup begins at 10 in the morning, provided all the cobwebs can be blown out of the transmitter..

It’s the Emperor Rosko on Fabulous 103Fm, at…

Sunday.. sees the morning rocking to the nineties before J..

Our BBC world news is, as always, brought in by satellite to ensure that you get the VERY LATEST news available, in fact its less than 30 seconds old


From Monday we will be back with our own local and national news which is updated daily to keep you in touch with

If you are running a business and would like to advertise with us, please let us know thru our website fabulous 103.com and we will get back to you quickly

And if you are away from Pattaya, Stay tuned via the website, Fabulous 103.com and of course the Phone app, from RadioPattaya.com

 To everyone who has kept us going with emails, calls and FB messages, THANK YOU from all of us, seriously, they have driven us sometimes when we felt like we were up against all Odds.  In fact a MASSIVE THANK YOU+

Fab 103 is here to stay, and we plan to make more than air waves