Wednesday Thailand News Updates


Todays headlines include the following News from Thailand  and the full news can be heard by clicking the link below

Thailand’s transport secretary has stepped in to establish firm rules for those super special deals with budget and  …

15 Lao workers en route to the borders to renew their visas were involved in a minivan crash that saw the driver die and…

A Singaporean businessman using a fake Thai ID card to cross into Myanmar has resulted in

5 people are under arrest this week, charged with using a modeling  website to  con thai women into  ..

The biggest typhoon of the year is about to hit the Chinese coastline this week, experts here have stated that whilst  ..

 Pattaya Hospitals are reporting a sharp increase in the number of patients with dengue fever. The very painful disease, caused, by …

Proving that life on wheels doesn’t need to be as disabling as it might be, a local wheel chair bound computer programmers has won the gold prize in Thailands 7th annual  Abilympics .

  A man who met a women on a short time dating app was counting the cost this week.  Choosing to remain un named in the media, the man told police that he met a woman via a phone app, they proceeded