Wednesday News Review from Thaialnd

Its all here, the latest news from Thailand, from arrests to fish fights today:

News includes:

Thai authorities arrested a second foreigner in conjunction with the Erewan bombing enquiry this week.  Tuesday saw a man taken into custody as he tried ..

The woman wanted for questioning who is claimed to have rented the appartments used by the bomb makers has ..

Warnings that Dengue fever is on the up ..

Daily debt collection by illegal moneylenders has been partially blamed for a suicide this week.  A 40 year old shopkeeper hung himself after he couldn’t make…

Fabulous 103 staff watched from the studio windows this week as fire engines arrived at the car park of Pattaya’s indoor sports centre.  Not a ..

You cant make it up, 22 adults are in Hua yai police station, charged with gambling on .. FISH FIGHTS.  The aquatic version of a cock fight saw people gather…