Watch this Space, Thailand is alive again

You are going to hear that Thailand’s government is going it alone with the new hi speed rail links in the country.  Many will see this as PR. 

But what if it isn’t.  What if you woke up in 4 years time to a nation AHEAD of the times, all funded from within.  Without international debt that involves excessive obligations

Without doubt, the national infrastructure is due for a modernization and facelift.  Despite the motorways being way ahead of many Western roadways, with the lights actually on at night here,,  The train network is verging on archaic after decades of being ignored.

Last year saw China announce its participation, it was a big dog and pony show for the media,   this week, that’s fallen through and Thailand says it will go it alone.

The USA has bought its way into several other countries with investment in road and rail… here they are failing to have any effect despite the promise of dollars in favour of favours.

Simply put, Thailand is putting its foot down to stay independent of outside sources who all too often invest a few quid and expect to take the driving seat.

WILL THE RAIL SYSTEM GO AHEAD: Without doubt.  Independent funding  from within Thailand, by those committed to its future,  will ensure that it does.

There is something stirring in Thailand that was a smoking ember for a long time, and that is national pride.

Those with the money, real money, have started to invest their savings back into their own country.

The current Government may not appeal to the “superpowers” overseas, as they aren’t up for sale,  they may sometimes appear a bit brash and have poor PR management but they are motivating Thais to a single cause… Thailand.

Poor and rich alike, for the first time in a long time, have a common cause, the future of their country.

Bet there are a lot of nationalities that wish their own homelands had made similar decisions years ago.

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