Tuesday Morning News from Thailand and Pattaya

Naked girls parades in Bangkok Street

the latest news from around Thailand and Pattaya City, via fabulous 103FM.  CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN

Today’s news includes:

No booze today, that’s for the whole of Thailand as today is an alcohol free day to celebrate the end of   Lent here.  Bars, restaurants and shops are forbidden to retail alcohol until midnight.  One of..

 The commerce ministry reports a stiff slow down in imports following the decline of the baht, drop in global oil prices  and the world recession.  The good news is ..

 A nationwide crackdown on so called Mafia-styled crooks WILL go ahead, albeit without the need of a committee to oversee it, this according to Thailand’s PM who has …

 Social media was awash yesterday with clips of a blonde with long hair and not much else, parading herself naked thru the streets, much to the amazement of passers by.  Seems the woman, of unknown …

 In Pattaya, a gentleman policeman stripped to the waist, in order that he could give his shirt to a ..

Hotel owners in the pratumnak area fell over themselves to apologise to a local damsel who was beaten and kicked by their security staff when she attempted to gain

  Fancy watching the Rugby, but tired of not being able to see the screen?  Well that’s all changed now , as the Tavern by the sea on Beach road has installed what is likely to be the biggest TV in the city, to ..