Tuesday Morning Bangkok Bomb Update

The latest news from Bangkok and the bomb which detonated at the Erewan Shrine killing at least 20 people at prayer

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A lethal bomb blast Monday rocked a Bangkok shrine in the centre of the city, killing an estimated 20 people including 3 asian tourists.  Detonated at a peak time for ..

Its now thought that the devices, there were two,  were planted inside the large fenced area dedicated to prayer,  at the busy intersection adjacent to the  5 star Erewan Hotel and were …

As a popular shrine used by Buddhists of all political persuasions, the attack is unlikely to have been…

Thailand’s Prime Minister, Gen. Prayuth expressed both outrage and sorrow last ..

Embassies in the capital worked throughout the night with.  ..

GOING FORWARD: security in public places can be expected to be heightened after ..

Major cities around the nation put their emergency services on alert last night.  In Pattaya search teams set ..

Despite rumours last night, ALL Schools remain OPEN today, government offices and banks too remain in normal service. .