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Todays news includes

With formal requests now made  to cancel the passport of a Thai woman who is said to have absconded from Thailand following the Erewan bombing.  , so Police at the weekend oversaw visits to the site by both of the suspects they have held in custody for several weeks.    Police now tell the press that ..

Additional funding from the government to rural village projects has boosted hopes for farmers with small holdings.  The funding is set to ..

  Flood warnings from the met office indicate that 14 provinces are due to see heavy storms throughout the week with our own province of chonburi on the list too.  Pattaya, …

  Grants for study and additional salaries are to be offered to English language teachers over the next 15 years according to the ministry of education.  With English the key .. 

A South Pattaya amusement arcade was raided at the weekend, part of a large group operating around the city, the arcade was found to be ..

 Network event Movers and shakers at Mantra turned out to be more of an event than expected.  Organisers expected  

Motorists who don’t read Thai may be wondering about huge roadside banners showing a picture of a pooch. Seems a local lady lost .. 

Theres a mother in Australia watching youtube probably right now to see her idiot son arguing with a  working girl about her fee.   The lastest viral vid from Pattaya, a 20 something ozboy in a nice hotel refusing to pay up to his nubile of the night. Word has it ..