Stress Drove truck Driver to Set Himself on Fire


Responsibility for a traffic accident may have caused a Banglamung resident to torch himself

During the early hours of Tuesday, a 44 year old Local Banglamung man is said to have poured either Petrol (Gasoline) or Whisky over himself before setting himself on fire, outside his home, in desperation at the thought that he was due to be questioned over a vehicle accident he was involved in.

Suffering burns to most of his face and hands, the man was rushed to Banglamung Hospital after his girlfriend called the authorities.

The girlfriend  said that they had had a row and during the row he had set fire to his trousers, before putting the flames out, and spread petrol around their room, claiming he would burn the place down.

She told reporters that he had been a truck driver and during his work had been involved in a nasty accident.  Since then he had been convinced he would be imprisoned and be liable for the damage caused.  She didn’t comment on whether he was responsible or not, but only that he was more and more stressed as time passed.

 Setting himself on fire within eyeshot of a local security guard, he had wandered outside with a bottle of Whisky to sit on his own and was then seen to light up his clothes.

Doctors and staff  at the hospital were still trying to save his life as this story hits the wire and he was last reported to have been heavily sedated.

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