Thursday Thailand News 16th July

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Todays Thailand news includes:

Its official, water from the main river thru Bangkok will no longer be released to canals supplying farmers,.  A part of the increased management of the limited water left in reservoirs as a result of the asia wide drought

Damage from the 4.8 magnitude earthquake in kanchanaburi province Tuesday evening  is said to have been minimal

In Bangkok, Thailands deputy national police chief showed there is truly a heart behind the uniform

Reports hit the media yesterday of Chinese tour companies demanding  hotel discounts of up to 40% with the threat that they might change hotels otherwise

plans go into effect to remodel Utopao airport as the third main hub for tourism, there was the chance that it would change its name

With new flights already being added to the list there, tourists who fancy a quick hop to other cities might want to check their website for available and inexpensive flights

51 year old Greg Miller, serving a jail sentence for child molestation, has died en route to a hospital this week.

An online gambling gang are offline now thanks to Pattaya Police.