Thaivisa Party In Pattaya to celebrate 10 years of Internet presence

Thai Visa, THE forum for foreigners about Thailand, held a party at the Irish Rovers in Soi LK Metro on Friday night.

Carlsberg beer flowed, courtesy of the brewery, and a fine spread of food awaited local members as they arrived.  Even the most curious of Board members quickly found someone he “knew”, albeit virtually, and numerous groups around the room quickly established deep conversations .  As a worldwide forum, the languages varied from corner to corner as temporary visitors mingled with Expats.

Attending the function, along with many of the forum moderators, was the “Guvnor”, Georg, (who paid for his own hotel room despite rumours) and was pleased to meet the many members who looked forward to chatting to the man who started Thaivisa 10 years ago.   We met up with him before the event and he revealed that the next decade of Thaivisa was going to be amazing as he and his team have many plans to bring even greater services to their ever expanding membership.

Now with over 130,000 members, the website attracts browsers searching for a little something on any subject from news to Bee keeping, from airline recommendations to Rubber tree planting and anything, or everything, in between.  But, according to Georg, it was a different story when the forum started and he puts the success down to the quality of the members and their posting on diverse subjects.  The forum allows great freedom of expression, obviously within the law and its own set of rules, and members are invited to comment on its entire content which enables it to keep lively and vibrant.

Talking to the hotel owner, Simon Peatfield, he told us he was  impressed by the event and enjoyed the company of many of the visitors who all got along well and “gelled” to make a fun event.

The Fabulous Pattaya 103 FM team were in attendance and enjoyed a great evening, supported by a local musician and even a prize draw toward the end of the evening.

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