Thailand Weekend News from Pattaya City

All the latest news in one bulletin from Thailand and Fabulous 103 Fm..


Todays News includes:

Doctors have cleared the only person to have had the MERS virus in Thailand, to return to his home country Oman this weekend after tests revealed he has been cleared of the disease

A Chinese operated plane en route to Bangkok was grounded yesterday within China after an engine warning light forced it to make an emergency landing.

The Constitutional drafting committee expects to finish the draft of  Thailand’s new constitution mid August ahead of the deadline set to hand it over to  the National reform

We need more water.. that’s the official line   as reports have been released showing some reservoirs at just 5% of capacity, enough perhaps for another 45 days of supply unless the rainy season kicks in early.

Borrowers on their gold in Kohn Kaen have complained to authorities about the shop where they pawned the yellow stuff, seems what they handed in was real, but the management are accused of replacing it with simply gold plate

A rapist in the north east of Thailand has been arrested this week, he has confessed to 51 crimes of robbery and assault.  Police believe his MO was to check doorsteps to see how many pairs of shoes…

A 25 year old Russian visitor was nabbed by police as he bench pressed at a local gym, seems people back home miss him, in a non lovng way, and want him back

2 Iranians with a penchant for removing price tags from clothing in stores have seen their holiday shortened Friday.  Both were picked up by security guards in Big C as they attempted to flee with 4K baths worth of clothing.

Another hot weekend approaches for Pattaya, malls predict  more foot traffic   Cinemas too are reporting increases in viewers who often visit simply to enjoy the cold air con.