Thailand news Wednesday 15th july

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Todays Thailand news includes:

Thailands PM General Prayuth has asked that we all cut back on water useage wherever possible. 

In Pattaya, the water authority too has confirmed that they will not see a shortage despite reservoir levels at crucial points

Travellers coming in to Thailand can now bring double the amount of new goods without paying import taxes at the airports, the limit on goods purchased overseas has been raised

the nurses assn of Thailand have filed complaints against an entertainment venue in the capital, for holding a nurses party, with girls dressed up in uniforms which, they claim, might mislead the public

Two female tourists were injured when they crashed into each other mid-air while taking part in a ziplining tour in Chiang Mai  .

Tuesday night saw a rumble in kanchanaburi, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake hit the area and shook for a long minute.

The Waterfront project put out a press release this week,

A four year old child had her leg amputated by surgeons Tuesday after being struck by a drunk driver while riding a motorcycle with her