Thailand Latest News Thursday 15 October

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Todays news includes:

10 billion baht is to be invested to stimulate the housing market in Thailand.   Good news for property sellers as transfer fees are reduced, along with mortgage rates and resale taxes for companies.  The project also sees a leg up for first time buyers, allowing them to

Two workers at the zipwire ride where a Chinese woman fell to her death in chiang mai have been arrested amid claims that they allowed two tourists to ride together on a wire designed for just 1 person.  The added weight meant

Fishing boat owners who have yet to be able to comply with new regulations are to receive compensation from the state to keep them afloat as they go thru the …

 Tourism saw a hero fall Tuesday.  A 62 year old banana boat operator lost his own life as he dove into the ocean to rescue a passenger who fell from the banana boat he was towing and got into difficulties after her life jacket came off.  The 9 year old ….

A raid on a popular seafront mall saw Pattaya police station look more like a market wednesdsay, as officers counted, listed and tagged counterfeit   clothing, shoes, watches, belts and bags with trade marks such as Louis Vuitton, Rolex, and Chanel.