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Hookers Hooked in Pattaya

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Todays news includes:

Airports and border crossings are to be updated with facial recognition cameras, designed to match your looks to pictures taken on previous entries, and also to match against wanted criminals here and in other countries.  A change from the current …

Norwegian bird watchers in thailand got spotted at the weekend too, they found themselves stranded on mud flats as they spied on birds of the winged variety.  A local ..

Winnng the lottery here is  pure luck, banking 10 million baht must be a pleasure, but dumping  the mother of your child a few weeks later, well that’s priceless.  Not according to the mother ..

 The Pattaya Triathlon at the weekend saw over 1000 people from Thailand and internationally compete for prizes in the three part ..

50 more body sellers were taken off the Pattaya streets Early Saturday morning, this time by ..

An east Pattaya bar operator called police in, to arrest a policeman at the weekend,  not a real one of course but a guy who plastered ..

Parents of the numerous under age teenagers discovered in a n east side pub were hauled out of bed at the weekend, they had to the displeasure of