Thai Lawyer Discusses Problem with Off Plan Condo Buying

Resulting from YOUR Emails to us asking about  recent development  issues in the city and your questions, we decided to ask a real lawyer to come in and answer the questions for you

Kuhn Pira is a practicing Thai Lawyer and Barrister here in Pattaya, working for Magna Carta.  Today he and Tony, the English Contact at his company visited Fabulous 103FM Radio to discuss what Happens when a company here files for protection from their debts (rehabilitation) and how it affects you, if you have ordered goods from them.

Foreigners and Thais who have put an order in, with money paid, to a company that subsequently files for this form of protection NEED TO FILE THEIR CLAIM.  As we find out in this podcast from the morning show, FAILURE TO FILE COULD MEAN YOU LOSE YOUR MONEY.


      Fabulous 103 developers in Pattaya problem


For Clarification, Magna Carta did NOT make it a condition of this interview that we in any way recommend them to our listeners… HOWEVER..We choose to share their contact details with you, if you are in any way affected by this type of problem.  As you will hear, above, it is obvious that they are experienced and  qualified to deal with your complaint along with their other clients in a similar predicament.  Please ask for Tony Justice  when contacting them as he is English and can work as your liaison.

1 Comment on Thai Lawyer Discusses Problem with Off Plan Condo Buying

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering what day and time are you
    airing the interview with Magna Carta as i understand they may be discussing some
    things regarding Tulip, i am a buyer in Centara Avenue Residence.
    Regards, Chris W

    Hi Chris,

    Monday we have them in at 10 in the morning and the press release is due to be released monday too on TV pattaya and our website

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