Take Care Kids Party in Pattaya

Take Care Kids in Pattaya with Fabulous 103FM

Saturday the 9th saw the children from Take Care Kids  given a huge surprise as Fabulous 103Fm joined with the Staff at Mediterranean Garden Resort in Pong and Nick the Pizza to throw them their very own Pool party.

Take Care Kids is a relatively unknown Registered centre for abused children.   Often recovered by the authorities after a lifetime of violence they are housed with the “take Care Kids” team  while every effort is made to help them recover and adjust to what we consider “normal” Life.

The TCK team then works wherever possible to find family members who can and want to take care of the children whilst making sure that they will be protected from those caused the problems in their past.   No easy task, and one of the less glorified Children’s centres in the city.

Take Care Kids is about to move to the Khao Noi area very soon, as the rent there is lower and they are underfunded.  With the help of Fabulous  103FM listeners, funds were raised to help pay to make what is now a rented double shophouse into  a home that is safe, secure, warm and friendly.


With most of the 103 team at the party, face painting along with  a balloon ( artist what is this called)  and a feast fit for small princes and princesses all were finally sent home ready for bed.

For more details  Takecarekids.org

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