Latest News from Thailand and Pattaya Wednesday

10/28/2015 0

Clothed and Fined ( credit Stickboy) the latest news from around Thailand and Pattaya City, via fabulous 103FM.  CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN Today’s news includes: A full report on the Erewan bombing in Bangkok,  that killed […]

Thailand News Headlines Saturday 26 Jan

01/26/2013 0

   A New Zealand man, 39 year old Richard Spraggs,  died yesterday after falling from his yacht and striking his head while trying to avoid a collision with another boat on Phuket . Emergency services were […]

Phuket Tales of the Unexpected.

01/26/2013 1

For those who have been following the Phuket  tale of the two Australian tattoo artists who shot, and missed, a Danish man (who owed them money), but did hit two passing Germans who ended up […]

News Headlines from Thailand ( Thursday)

01/24/2013 0

Australian Tattooists arrested for missing their Target   On Phuket, the two Australian expats who are said to have shot two Germans by mistake, as they aimed for a Danish man who owed them money, […]

Snake in a Drain Scares local Residents

01/21/2013 1

It was the turn of a household in the village of Pong, just outside Pattaya, to call the emergency services when a snake was found in an unused drain pipe. Gardening staff at a local […]

7 Injured in Pattaya Car Wreck

01/21/2013 1

A pickup truck, littered with Beer cans, is thought to have caused a major traffic accident this morning, injuring 7 people in Pattaya Witnesses called the emergency services to second road in Jontien in the […]

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