Snake in a Drain Scares local Residents


It was the turn of a household in the village of Pong, just outside Pattaya, to call the emergency services when a snake was found in an unused drain pipe.

Gardening staff at a local home heard what sounded like a very aggressive snake hissing in a disused drain pipe in the garden of a rural home.  Daring, slightly, to look further, they tapped the pipe and the Cobra spat out at them, scaring the homeowner into calling the emergency services.

Within 4 minutes of the call, a specialist was on the scene and soon three others arrived.  The team decided to block one end of the pipe and force the snake into a bag at the other end, but he was having none of that and clung on inside the pipe for dear life.

Removing the pipe to a nearby field, the men wanted to simply set him free but when he was finally coaxed from his hiding place he was less than pleased by the disturbance and rose up, in typical snake fashion, spitting at the growing crowd of onlookers.

A quick decision regarding safety saw him removed from his mortal coil and laid out for inspection, as one of the team licked his lips in anticipation of a good meal tonight.

The team leader couldn’t figure out why a snake would be in this particular garden as it is surrounded by a high wall, but then noticed a bush which had overgrown the wall and reached down on the outside, providing a perfect bridge for reptiles to the gardens inside.

He advised the homeowner to remove the bushes and to keep an eye out over the next few days for similarly unfriendly guests.

For those who suffer a similar plight, Thailand’s emergency services are able to help.  By calling 191 you will be put through to a rescue unit who then dispatch a team who specialise in snake removal.  The team, who will not accept tips or even a quick drink for their help, are always busy with similar cases but are experienced and happy to help

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