Accused Rapist faced Angry Lynch Mob in Pattaya


Over fifty officers were called in to handle a crowd of angry friends and neighbours who convened at the shop to vent their anger at the man. 

21 year old  Tiwanon Boonruang  was arrested last Friday and charged  with the recent rape and murder of 46 year old Vimon Taechaban a  beauty clinic owner.  He is said to have admitted the crime, claiming that he was drunk at the time, he admitted  forcing his way into the Lady’s home, before beating her, raping her and finally killing her.

At the time when the body was first discovered,  Police found a black hat and packet of cigarettes that they thought would lead them to the killer.   A large team of investigators was established to trace the man and tracked him down to his home in Nakhon Pathom, where he was arrested and returned to the city.

Mrs.Sa-ing Taechaban, the victim’s aunt said the victim was a very good woman. She never been married and never involve with any man. “Everybody loves her and this thing shouldn’t happen to her”

As is customary in Thailand, the criminal was taken back to the scene of his deed in order that he can confirm exactly what he did and how he did it.   In addition to providing cast iron evidence for courts, the regular practice allows the Police to better understand crime and solve future ones quickly

The angry  crowd was held at bay as Police saw the man re-enact his crime.  Had he not been so well protected the chances are that he would have received street justice which, many locals say, is what he deserves.    Police were even forced to change their route when leaving the scene to avoid more crowds who threw fruit at the man and theatened him

The accused claims he got drunk in his room and leapt from the roof of his home to that of the woman, entered her home and, finding her asleep, carried out the crime.   After the rape he was afraid that she would identify him, so killed her, leaving the body to be found later by concerned friends.  The following morning he told his boss he had to go home to a family crisis and fled the city

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