Public Apology for Public Display of Lust

Fabulous 103FM  Apologised on air this morning for inciting tourists to break the law.

In what can only be described as a daring drive to get more listeners, The morning show crew played the popular song “sex on the Beach” and mentioned that in years gone by, the news feeds used to see couples regularly caught being naughty in the Pattaya Sea after dark.

In the past year, the incident of such activity has been reduced to zero

HOWEVER.. not 14 hours later, a foreign couple were caught doing exactly that.  Police were called and Voyeurs lined along the shoreline with their cameras to see who could get the pics on Snakebook first.

We apologise if for any reason we were responsible for causing this foreign couple to copulate.  it was unintended and of course we recommend such activities only occur behind closed doors.

Apology can be heard below 

      Click that Triangle to Listen






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