Prize Give Away and Friday’s Thailand News

Friday’s News  headlines include the following News from Thailand, Pattaya Radio’s super giveaway competition   and the full news can be heard by clicking the link below..

See it, snap it, post it send it..   the first of our new giveaway programs begins today, and for the next three days as we you the chance to ride a quad bike in a 28 km adventure  at  ATV Pattaya jungle adventures for free. 

 This weekend the “Fab Van” is driving thru Pattaya city,  on the dark side and the light side, its easy to recognize, with our name all over it and music blaring out.  Just snap a pic of it on your phone… post it on your fb page.. and share it with us .. (if you don’t have a fb page, then send us the pic).

  Next week will see someone win TWO tickets for two quad bike rides.. courtesy of Pattaya’s Fabulous 103Fm..

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 The USA has finally approved a new Ambassador to Thailand, seeing the current caretaker removed and  a new head of Embassy, Glyn Davies,  installed in the very….  

 foreign man caught at the border using a fake Thai ID card  warrants   issued for 10 foreigners and 3 thais  thought to be…

  Privately operated colleges who had announced a ban on students with multiple tattoos or huge ear piercings have…

  Kaphang Phet locals struck oil this week..and will be driving for free..

The construction company that has nearly completed the promenade along Pattaya’s beach road is being held accountable for  ….

 Cinderalla’s ugly sisters were arrested in Pattaya Last night, nope its not a pantomime…, two …