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dennis knudsen

For those who have been following the Phuket  tale of the two Australian tattoo artists who shot, and missed, a Danish man (who owed them money), but did hit two passing Germans who ended up in hospital, you cant afford to miss todays episode..


The Danish man, until now anonymous except to the Police, turns out to be none other than Dennis Mark Knudsen, a 24 year old who gave Pattaya Police the run around back in September as they sought him out, following a tip off.. from Phuket

Investigators on the Island then had a warrant for HIS arrest on the charge of renting a motorbike on Phuket and not returning it.  Then demanding a huge amount of cash from the rental company in return for the bike.  Pattaya police arrested him and he was due to go back to Phuket, under their watchful eye, to face a court hearing.  .  Also known as Danni and, for some reason, in possession of identity papers for one “ Mike Chilli” he is wanted by police for breaking his bail conditions and failing to appear in court after his enforced return to the Island

Now 4 months on, he is in the news again, according to our friends at the Phuket Gazette, this time as the initial target of the two gun wielding Australians who, having spotted him riding pillion on a motorcycle, drew first, shot.. and missed him.  Not only did they miss their target but they also managed to hit not one but two German tourists who had the misfortune to be in the same street at the same time.

Phuket Police had the two Australians, John Cohen, 32, and Adam Shea, 26, in handcuffs within hours but until now the existence of the Dane has been questioned.  Phuket Gazette Reporters say that the Dane, Knudsen, is once again on the run, this time on Phuket and has yet to be traced.

However, far from the reports in September, that he was wanted for non payment of bike rentals, we are now hearing that he was wanted for effectively stealing a big bike, worth over 300,000 baht from Cohen and Shea, and rather than returning it..   sold it, pocketing the money.


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