Pattaya Hole attack on Female Tourist

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A Hole which attacked a Czech Woman on Holiday in the city, has been investigated today as the woman received medical assistance from emergency Services .

Hole, who is estimated to be approximately 3-5 years old,  viciously attacked the 25 year old tourist,  Hana Maskova as she crossed the Sukhumvit Rd. and, despite her friends help, she could not escape its grip.  Medical services were called in to treat the woman and the Hole, having failed to negotiate the busy highway and escape,  was photographed by  Journalists who arrived at the scene quickly.

Yes yes, it’s a slow news day here, and this story just appeared on our desks at Faulous 103 FM.

In actual fact the woman is reported to have been crossing the busy Sukhumvit road in Pattaya when she reached the grassed central reservation which is planted with trees and bushes.  Its likely that, at the time of planting, one or two of the seedlings either died or were stolen, resulting a few holes being left in the otherwise green division between the two carriageways.

Without noticing, she had the misfortune of stepping into one, all the way up to her thigh.  And was so stuck that her friends had to help to pull her out.

Scratched and bruised but otherwise perfectly fine, the woman complained to the Media that the City Council must take steps to fill in this and other holes that may exist before a similar accident occurs.

No doubt a Pattaya City Hole Inspector will be appointed and sent to the scene to investigate, and the offending  holes surveyed, checked for mineral mining possibilities and finally filled in.


you cant make this kind of thing up 🙂

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