Why Pattaya 103FM is NOT on air, the internet or producing News Bulletins

Despite the western media’s (and, in many cases governments’), reaction to the totally bloodless change in government here, all seems to be actually on the “up” In Thailand, and Friday saw the curfew orders rescinded, and nightlife able to return to normal. At no time have tourists been affected , there has been no restriction in travel, and no one has been put at risk or airports travel affected.

Despite the predictions by many, the changes have already proven to be positive in many aspects, within a very short time frame we have seen numerous “fixes”, debts repaid to desperate farmers and normality returned to the capital, all positive moves and all in the interest of Thai society as a whole, not just one sector of privileged individuals.

Radio and internet radio , Still, is banned in Thailand.

The initial order to cease transmission made sense. In the past the nation has seen numerous pirate stations as trouble and, in many cases, that has been understandable. With literally thousands of stations around the nation, most still not having registered with the Broadcasting Commission, control would have been impossible and separating the acceptable from non acceptable transmissions would have been not only an arduous task but an impossible one.
Its hoped that, in the very near future, the Broadcasting Commission and those who currently govern the country will begin to afford some stations the right to transmit.
Amongst those, we hope, will be those who transmit to the benefit of foreigners, keeping them up to date on current events and without political bias.

And we very much hope that Pattaya’s “Fabulous” 103Fm will be one of those quickly afforded the privilege of transmission.
BUT Until that time we, sadly, will refrain from any form of transmission, FM, Net or News. We recognize the importance of adhering to the law, and would not wish to involve ourstaff, sponsors or advertisers in anything which is deemed illegal.
Hoping to be “Back” on the airwaves very soon

The Fab 103 Team