Now THATS Rain in Pattaya

Last night in Thailand’s fun city,  Pattaya.. it didnt just rain.. it POURED.


these pictures from around the Pong and Highway 7 area.. and the outlook is more of the same


Just as a reminder to visitor.. if it looks deep it probably is, and Petrol driven cars rely on a spark, so dipping you engine in the water is not a good idea, although at these depths even a diesel is a big risk.


The water cleared fast, and by morning the roads were simply awash with sand and debris, but those on motorbikes should take extra care today as the roads In Pattaya and the area around WILL be slick and slippery.


Thailand’s Met office promises more.. so be ready


flood pattaya

flood pattaya 1 flood pattaya 2


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#pattaya #weather

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