No More Red Plates for cars, plus the rest of Thailand’s news

Todays news bulletin from Thailand includes:

lowest rainfall in 30 years, water supply pressure is being reduced in an effort to conserve supplies ahead of the rainy season

Bottled water supply is plentiful and in most Thai streets , water vending machines sell clean drinking water for just a few baht

Ninety people were being tested this week at a navy marine base in our own province of chonburi..  following the unexplained death of a marine at the weekend at a local hospital

A container ship shed its load and numerous other smaller ships were damaged this week as storms rage in the gulf of

The body of a dutch tourist has been recovered from a sewerage pond on Koh Samui this week  And in an unrelated incident, a 24 year old Irishman, David Houlihan is suspected to have drowned

Red plates on new cars, often retained as status symbols as opposed to being replaced with standard ones, are expected to be recalled later this year  

the separated wife of a swiss expat was hospitalized Wednesday, she is thought to have   attempted to end her own life.

The site of a parked   car isn’t in itself special, but Wednesday saw a suspected drunk manage to park hers, upside down in a central street.


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