Thailand News Headlines Saturday 26 Jan

   A New Zealand man, 39 year old Richard Spraggs,  died yesterday after falling from his yacht and striking his head while trying to avoid a collision with another boat on Phuket .

Emergency services were called and found him to be already dead.  An autopsy is planned but it is thought o have been an accident.  Mr. Spraggs was enjoying the company of some friends on deck when another boat is said to have appeared close by and travelling on a collision course with his own craft.   Leaning over the boat side, he fell .  The NZ Embassy has been notified.

The Thai Transgender Alliance has complained to Ikea,  about the negative impact their latest commercial is having on the  image of Thailand’s third gender.   The association has demanded an apology from ikea, a company reknown for its flatpacks

 The advert, shows a woman talking with shop staff about a product. Demurely she discusses it until she finds out the price and, in shock, her voice drops to a baritone and scares the shop assistant.  The assistant is then seen running away in feart, as the Lady picks up the heavy package and walks off with it over her shoulder.

The advert is still on Youtube and the address can be found here..



We have to apologise that, our website has been unavailable for 24 hours yesterday as our internet service provider decided to cut us off, due to the high amount of useage on the site. 

Overnight our new hosting company has re-installed the site with a professional service and actually made it considerably faster. 


Top Ten Thai Gunman Arrested

A gunman, on Thailand’s top ten most wanted list, was arrested on Thursday after he was spotted in Nakhon Ratchasima Province.

The 56 year old was recognized in a convenience store by someone who knew there was a reward and the Police quickly moved in to arrest him as the man didn’t put up a fight

A contract killer with former convictions for drugs, he had been living on the lam and supporting himself by working on building sites.  Previously he had been linked with Gun for hire groups and has several warrants out for his arrest on murder and gun related charges.


Credit Card Scammer Charged with Multi Million Baht Fraud

A former credit card salesman has been arrested this week, on charges that he defrauded 10 banks by obtaining 16 credit cards not FOR customers, but using the details he gained from application forms.

The 57 year old has been charged with identity theft, forgery and fraud, according to reports.  His MO. was that he told the public that he was accredit card salesman representing the banks, and so had helped people fill out applications which, in turn, he used for his own use.

One bank alone lost 3 million Baht, the others have yet to publicise their losses in the matter.  He has admitted his guilt and said that he started 4 years ago and couldn’t bring himself to stop


Nigerian Scammers Arrested

Two Nigerian men have been arrsted in Bangkok on charges that they they scammed 20 mil baht from Thai women who were promised marriage by internet personas claiming to be US Marines.

The two men sent fake emails out claiming to be marines  serving in Afghanistan.   The women were tricked into  “helping with their discharge costs”, to allow them to leave the forces and marry.   Over 400 women are thought to have fallen for their charms worldwide and 11 mill in cash was found with them when they were arrested.

They are said to have trawled chatrooms and facebook looking for widows, divorcees and single women int heir middle ages and plyed  them with their charms while pretending to be Tom, Dick or Harry before tricking the women into wiring them funds


Bangkok and our own region of Chonburi are promised a continuation of the present cooler spell fo weather until the end of February, according to the Met office, as we have seen temperatures sometimes below 20 degrees tis week.  Our cool season kicked of late in December but in the North of Thailand it was much earlier and has been very cold in some regions.


Missing Swiss Girl Released on Bail   

The Swiss national reported missing and then discovered in a police cell charged with a visa overstay and theft, has been bailed on Thursday by her mother.  Cherina Janisch a 22 year old is charged with stealing a camera and her mother has complimented the police handling fo the case but also believes it may have been the result of a misunderstanding

Russian Man found Hanging from a Tree

The son of a rich Russian has been found hanging in a tapioca field in Bang sary, southof  Pattaya.

The 25 year old was found hanging from a rope and its thought he had committed suicide by first wrapping a cloth around his head to blindfold himself, put a rope around his neck and jumped from the seat of a rented motorbike.

Found with his money and papers on his person, the rescue services reported that he was found to be dead when they arrived.  Reports that he was suffering from depression and had been receiving treatment and drugs for Dysthymia


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