News Headlines from Thailand ( Thursday)

Australian Tattooists arrested for missing their Target

(Picture courtesy of our friends at the Phuket Gazette)
(Picture courtesy of our friends at the Phuket Gazette)


On Phuket, the two Australian expats who are said to have shot two Germans by mistake, as they aimed for a Danish man who owed them money, have been named as 32 year old John Cohen and 26 year old Adam Shea, this according to our friends at the Phuket Gazette.

Arrested on Wednesday the two made a sheepish appearance before the media having admitted firing at a Dutchman who owed the money.

 Their lack of gun skills mean that they missed him, and instead hit two German tourists who happened to be in the street at the time.

The Australians, both said to be tattooists and to work in the locality, claim that the Danish man owed them 300,000 baht for a motorbike and that he had threatened to “get them” so they decided to make the first move.

The innocent Germans are still recovering in Hospital,


Dollar Dives against the Baht


 A 3% rise in the Baht value against the US dollar has been a subject discussed by Thailand’s prime minister this week.  Blaming “quantative easing” in the US and Japan, the government has seen a major increase of funds coming into the country from abroad as investors turn to Thailand as a stable economy. 

Experts predict a slow but continued rise over the next year, much due to worldwide speculator trading

Meanwhile Rice exports have dropped as Thailand falls from 1st place to third in the world market, being overtaken by both India and Vietnam  and seeing a 37% drop against last years volume.


Marijuana Truck Stop 


A truck with over half a ton of Marijuana was stopped after a police chase in Chumpon.    Police had had a tip off and gave chase after the driver refused to stop at a checkpoint.   In the end Officers shot out the rear tyres and the men in the truck fled the scene.

520 huge bars of the weed were recovered and police believe it was  en route for the popular southern tourist destinations


Russian Tourist Telephone Cover Story


Meanwhile at home in Pattaya and its nice to see that   reported crimes in the city have also fallen  to an all time low., as a pair of Russians were arrested for stealing a mobile phone COVER.

When the shop keeper demanded that they actually pay for the cover, which retails at just 300 baht, the couple refused.  Police were called and the cover discovered in the 40 year old woman’s handbag.

In the most pathetic of criminal acts, at least since a german man was charged with stealing a pair of sock a few months ago, the couple initially claimed to be innocent but once the cover was found they admitted their crime and paid an on the spot fine at the Tuk Com store in South Pattaya

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