News Headlines From Thailand ( Friday 18th)



Rapist Attacked by Angry Lynch Mob


Over fifty officers were called in to handle a crowd of angry friends and neighbours who convened at the shop to vent their anger at the man. 

21 year old  Tiwanon Boonruang  was arrested last Friday and charged  with the recent rape and murder of 46 year old Vimon Taechaban a  beauty clinic owner.  He is said to have admitted the crime, claiming that he was drunk at the time, he admitted  forcing his way into the Lady’s home, before beating her, raping her and finally killing her





An organized operation involving undercover officers saw TukCom  , the multiple  level  electronics market building in South Pattaya, raided  on Thursday.. as Police checked for fake phones and other goods.

Many sellers were arrested and stalls closed down as officers recovered nearly 400 cell phones which resembled genuine ones but weren’t, along with more than 1000 accessories, handbags and  other electronic goods.



Foreign Criminals due for deportation

On Phuket, two foreigners with outstanding warrants intheir home countries have been arrested.  A 28 year old   French cook is being held ready for deportation to face charges that he raped a disabled woman in France, and a 68 year old Swede will soon be back home to answer claims that he swindled his government out of 100 Mill Bahts worth of taxes

 More details on this story..


Baht Rises against Dollar Again

As predicted yesterday, the baht  hit its strongest level in 16 months after trading at less than 30 against the US dollar, showing an increase of 2.8% since the year start. The rise is said to be due to poor Dollar performance.


Jewelry Thief caught with the goods 

Pattaya Police arrested one of 2 teenagers who stole a necklace from a Russian man in a ride by robbery.  The two, on their bike, had ripped the necklace from the man The Two teenagers were seen by police grabbing a gold necklace from a Russian tourist  .

The second boy is expected to be arrested soon too, as the first is squealing.  The necklace has also been recovered and tourists are once again advised that wearing large gold necklaces is not adviseable in Asia where is is equal to currency.

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