News Headlines From Thailand (tuesday)

Headlines from Thailand of interest to visitors and foreign residents in the Kingdom


Tourists have been advised that flights in and out of several European cities have been cancelled  and delayed this week, as the winter storms take a grip there.


Previous advisories here on 103 have been limited to the UK only, but airport delays are now being reported from France, where 40% of flights were cancelled yetserday.    In Germany,  Frankfurt cancelled 180 flights and Munich was all but closed after an extra 5 inches, or 12 cm of snow fell in one night.  Other major hubs such as Amsterdam have  also not been without delays.

Once again travellers in Thailand are advised to contact their airlines in advance of travelling to Bangkok Airport. 

The Chaos in Europe is having a knock on effect worldwide and disruptions should be expected.  Equally, if you are planning to meet someone at the airport, check first.


 Deputy PM of Thailand Dies

Bangkok newspapers are reporting that The deputy Prime Minister and Tourism and Sports Minister Chumpol Silpa-archa died from heart failure yesterday. He was 72..  Having been ill for some while, he died in hospital with his family at his bedside.  A career politician he had worked with several of Thailand’s governments and was well respected.




 If you fancy becoming the new Bangkok governor, you will have some stiff competition as , in addition to the two main parties, 16 independent candidates have already registered for the up coming elections.   The ballot papers will be quite a size as more candidates are expected before the Jan 25th deadline





Users of Internet Banking in Thailand should be advised of a newly revived scam which seems to have kicked off again this week. 

Scam emails are being sent out by tricksters,  pretending to be you’re your bank.   The emails in “near English” will ask you for banking details.

Account holders are reminded that banks NEVER ask for these details online and NEVER ever ask for your PIN number.  If in doubt, contact your bank before replying.  And any letter beginning Dear Esteemed customer.. is likely to be a fraudulent one



Help from Emergency Services is available to all in Thailand if you find a Snake in your property..

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