Monday Thailand and Pattaya News October 26th

the latest news from around Thailand and Pattaya City, via fabulous 103FM.  CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN

Todays news includes:

The weekend saw Thailand’s immigration department reporting a total of more than  9000 foreigners,  busted in a week long clampdown on those living here illegally.  In addition to those simply here without ..

 Visa overstayers, those here without legal documents, face a tougher treatment when caught if new proposals are passed. Currently the max ..

4G internet for your phone may be on the way sooner than we thought. TOT revealed plans to  launch it within a year.  The state telecom company says it is commited to sharing the service aroud the whole of Thailand,

The three day weekend led to traffic congestion in many areas around Thailand,.  Pattaya had its fair share of tailbacks Friday and Sunday but tourist attractions too saw huge traffic jams as ..

A new born baby discovered in a rubbish bin  has been handed over to carers after being checked by a local hospital.  Despite an ..

In Chai Nat a Chinese tourist in a rental car got more than he expected when he tailgated a pickup carrying a cow.  Seems the cow fell ..

A 73 year old German is the latest to join the balcony jumpers association in Pattaya, his 8 floor dive saw ..

 A Ton of Won found by a song tau driver was handed in to police , much to the pleasure of a Korean who ..