Goldilocks Rescued from Thai Forest


Dr. Lydia Koch, a cardiologist from Berlin Germany, found out, over the weekend that Thai People have excellent hearts.


Friday was a great day to explore Koh Pangan, with its beautiful beaches and deep forests, especially since the weather was cooler than it often is, and one tourist, Dr. Koch, decided to explore the forests on her own, which is never a really good idea.

Walking, as she did, to the inner depths, she failed to notice that the sun was sinking and that dusk was approaching, and also, according to reports, didn’t realize that the forest would become…dark night.  Soon, like Goldilocks, she became lost and scared.

With no family of friendly bears to help her, no porridge to try, or beds to sleep in.. she did remember  that she had her mobile phone with her and she was lucky enough to get a signal, call  through to the staff at the hotel where she was staying, and explain her predicament.

Island Police, accompanied by over 30 willing locals followed her directions in the dark and with the continued signal from her phone they managed to locate her, much to their, and her, relief.

The Doctor, from Berlin’s University of Medicine, couldn’t thank her rescuers enough and once given food and water was able to return with them to the inhabited part of the island.

Sometimes its nice to read a story with a happy ending and, like Goldilocks, she finally found her way back home to HER bed, albeit in a hotel, and a good nights rest.

And they all lived Happily ever after 


(picture courtesy of facebook)


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