LatestThailand News in English, Wednesday 21 Oct

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Todays news includes:

PM Gen Prayuth has the so called “mafia” in his sights.  Scammers, fraudsters and those who use strong arm tactics are all now targets for the authorities.  Targets to rid …

A Thai AirAsia X flight to Japan did a U turn this week, an hour after taking off, passengers found themselves back in Bangkok.   all passengers were ..,

Ubon Ratchathan police are currently hostng a local man caught with methamphetamines with a street value of 45 mill baht headed to Malaysia and then on …

A Malaysian and a local national are in jail in Mae Hong Son this morning, both accused of using skimming devices to steal credit card details at ..

Smog in the south of Thailand has returned, still said to be coming from Indonesia and causing problems for locals and airports.  Recent storms have seen the haze ..

Theres a mum in Ireland who read about her sons latest adventures here, he wont be home soon tho,   Kieran Barry was an online drug dealer , that was until ..

For a long time its been clear that shisha smoking is illegal, that doesn’t seem to have sunk in with some bars tho, Tuesday morning before dawn saw Pattaya police visit  …