Latest News from around Thailand Friday 24 July

All the very latest national news along with Local news from Thailand and  Pattaya.  Pls click the link to listen

Todays news includes

Thailand’s PM  has this week signed off on the new law banning alcohol sales  within 300 Metres of Vocational colleges and universities. 

A Pregnant golf caddy has confirmed that she was gifted  228 million baht’s worth of shares by her lover shortly before he died

As expected, when a Police forensics expert took the stand in the Koh Tao Murder case yesterday, she clarified that there are sufficient supplies left of all samples taken at the murder scene

Fifty thousand chickens got roasted thursday, in a farm fire in Kohn Kaen

  Booze is thought to be to blame for an Australian mans car wreck  Thursday night.    

Police were questioning a group of 20 somethings from Sri Ratcha that were found abandoned at a petrol station in Pattaya

Western tourists have received a little encouragement this week, as exchange rates once again saw the baht fall against the dollar