Lam Morrison… Live at Concert for Kids

Tommy Dee interviewed Lam Morrison for the first time some 7 years ago.  At that time he was headlining at the blues Factory in Pattaya.  Since then they seem to meet up on a regular basis and so it was that when Tommy asked him to play at our concert for kids.. Lam jumped at the chance.

Lam knows that we are raising money for Thai Children in need, and promised us the best of his music on the night.


Lam started out in the days of the vietnam war, entertaining US troops here in Thailand, in the days when it was all “Rock and Roll”.  He was persuaded to tour in Europe as a young man and covered much of the continent before coming back to Thailand, where he remains a music Icon.  Guitar King, is a song written about him by his his pals Carabao, Lam is a Pattaya resident and anyone who has seen him will look forward to “somewhere over the rainbow”  and other classic Lam sounds.

One thing is for sure,  it WONT be quiet, and the Lakeside will get him for free 🙂

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