Ladyboy Handlers Arrested in Pattaya


Local Police arrested two more ladyboys involved in the multi million baht robbery of a Russian Expat last month

At 5.00 pm on the 5th of January, Col.Chanapat Nawalak, Col.Nipon Pomsanam,Col.Tapanat Chayanapat and his  investigation team arrested Mr.Tarakorn Roichang or Nick   and Mr.Tanasorn Kaha or Kob , both charged with handling stolen goods.

This followed the arrest this week of a member of the third gender who robbed a sleeping Russian of everything from his house documents to his wallet before fleeing to Bangkok and investing in a breast enhancement operation.  It is now understood that the two new arrestees assisted their pal in selling much of what was stolen, to raise cash, which they then split between them

Authorities have been keen to point out that cruising the local beaches for freelance Pleasure-sellers is a dangerous habit which often leads to theft or worse.  In this case, the Russian man took a beachside ladyboy back to his own private home before drinking and passing out, leaving his guest unattended and free to roam his home, which was subsequently robbed.

The two recent arrestees are said to have received 2000 baht each to assist the thief in selling much of the stolen goods.

for more details, please see the previous story relating to the robbery at


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