Your Immigration Questions Answered in Pattaya

Following the Recent Update in Immigration and Foreigner registration in Thailand, with particular reference to Chonburi;  We received a lot of questions.

Rather than try to answer them ourselves, we took them toPattaya Immigration and these are the replies from the most senior Officer :

NOTE: The key issue is, in most of the questions,  the fact that visitor/tenant , short or long term is considered the innocent party when a landlord or Head of Household fails to report him or her to Immigration as staying at an address, unless the visitor is the head of Household.

If you rent an apartment. And the owner does not report 

How should I know as a tourist about this?

And how can I report my residence as a tourist?

If your Landlord refuses to register you as a tenant, you can go to Immigration and notify them, at the same time advising that you have asked for the landlord to notify them and he/she has refused.  They may then investigate or at least advise the Landlord for the future.


If the owner does not do this? And if I am not on the tm30, will I have problems leaving Thailand

Immigration at Borders and Airports are concerned with the TM6 ( in your passport when you entered the country) and any visa expiry date



DO I need report myself on TM 30 as a foreigner owning my own house, and also report foreigners stay in my house.

Two questions there:

unless it’s a condo, you cant “own” a house here, so the registered “Head of Household” ( House Master)  must register you as living there.  The Head of Household may be yourself   ( you may also be the offical signatory for a company that owns the home you live in), in which case Yes you can register yourself

Yes, the head of Household ( house Master) needs to register any non Thai guests visiting



if I have a visa, and am registered in my home, and travel out of Thailand.  do I have to go and re register at my home address with immigration WITHIN 24 HRS

A bit of an anomaly: according to the law you are required to do so, However, in many Provinces, Including Chonburi, this isn’t always required PROVIDING you haven’t changed your address here.   (that may change)


Is the Online Registration page only for businesses or can individuals register and use it too:

The online reporting page is available to House Owners and Companies owning homes as well as Hotels.  You have to register in advance as a User for the site

We welcome other questions re immigration but do advise that replies may be delayed as we secure your answer FROM Immigration and not from “them that might know”

Hope this helps

The Fab 103 team


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  1. sir  i arrive bangkok oct.2015 then i write  immigration form  my friend sister bangkok address but anyone not me receive i go to pattaya and stay there.plz tell memy next visit thailand i face any problem 

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