High Security Alert in Thailand

Media reports indicate that the security forces are now on a higher alert following an advisory that Thailand is one of the many countries at risk from IS.

As in western nations, the security forces have raised security at airports and at major tourist cities, following an advisory  statement issued by the US Embassy in Bangkok based on US intelligence.

This is not the first time that security has been tightened recently.  a similar advisory from the Russian Embassy also saw an alert last month.

With Western and Asian nations all working  IS Awareness campaigns, Cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket can expect to see a visible security presence.


Carrying valid Thai ID and/or copies of passports along with copies of the visas inside them is a requirement in Thailand.  In fact it was required that the original passport be in your possession at all times.  a recent statement in Bangkok allows copies to be accepted as long as you have access to the original.  Thai people too are required to have their ID with them, this is not a discriminatory requeirement but a logical one, especially at times of heightened secuirty.


In Pattaya and Chiang Mai, Police have had cause to visit tourist establishments and take in all visitors without ID.  To date they have all been able to find their passports in hotels or room where they stay.  To date all have been treated well and freed without penalty HOWEVER there is provision within the Thai law to fine if required.


Carry your Documents at all times.  Thailand is a safe country, no more or less dangerous than any other tourist country, Assisting police and authorities by carrying documentation will free them up to deal with other problems and lessen the chance that you evening is interrupted

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  1. Terrorists are far more likely to have ID than tourists who are not thinking of hiding anything. Young British tourists on a night out are not going to think about ID because they come from a country that does not even have ID cards but a Thai terrorist would know Thai law.

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