Hells Angels In Pattaya Supporting Children Homes


on July 2nd, 2016 HELLS ANGELS PATTAYA (HAMC), will be hosting a “Children’s Charity Party”.

The event will be held at Muang Pattaya 7 School, starting at 3pm thru to 5:30pm. Where the kids will be able to enjoy bike rides, playland and all the food they can eat.

We have invited 4 organizations to participate on this day, Hand-to-Hand Foundation, Take Care Kids Onlus, Camillian Social Center and Happy Donations Shelter.


Last month we met with 3 of Pattaya’s Hells Angles who came in to donate to our “Take Care Kids” campaign.    These Guys aren’t what you imagine.  We are lucky in Thailand to have some of the very best of Bikers, who all work free of charge to raise funding for children’s organisations.    And they certainly deserve a pat on the back


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