Compliance With Broadcasting Regulations in Thailand

After several phone calls and messages  from listeners.. its only fair to explain that ALL licensed and legal radio stations in Thailand  are afforded total freedom of transmission content within a structure laid out clearly by the National Broadcasting commission.


The scheduling on Fabulous 103Fm has been adjusted this weekend to fully comply  with the conditions applied to ALL radio stations in the Nation of Thailand by the Broadcasting Commission and will comply with any future changes

That structure includes the requirement that All stations in Thailand  broadcast the Thai National news once a day at 6pm.. (LIVE not recorded.. from Saturday to Thursday).. And on Friday the weekly Prime Minister of Thaland’s statement at 8.15 pm.

Later in each evening a short update on News from the Royal Palace is also transmitted.

Both of these are in the Thai language and, on Fabulous 103, are headed and followed with an explanation from us to our listeners, many of whom are non thai speakers.

Government transmissions are not created by 103Fm but rather by the Government, and are played at the same time on every single legal operating station in the nation. They are updates on the state of the nation.

The Prime Ministers Friday evening transmission is his report to the People on occurrences during the week and plans for the future of Thailand.

Fabulous 103FM was the first foreign language station to be approved this side of Bangkok in the middle of last year and we have always fully complied with the provisions of those licenses, and all at Fabulous 103 respect the rules, regulations and laws of our host country, Thailand