Checks for Borax in Big C following Bangkok Pork Scare

Big C stores in the Pattaya region held back on pork sales as kits were issued to each store to check meat on sale, following a scare in a Bangkok open  market that saw officials discovering Borax in Pork on sale there.

Borax, which can have detrimental effects on human health, is a banned food additive in Thailand.  Less reputable butchers have however been known to add it, especially in markets where meat isn’t refrigerated,  as it can temporarily overcome a somewhat rancid smell and taste.

Big C Stores nationwide were ordered to check stock as were their suppliers .  With negative results in all cases sales resumed by mid day.

Big C management confirmed that the tests were a precaution only as  they already had full confidence in their products but equally encouraged all retailers to carry out similar tests in the interest of customer goodwill


For full details, click the audio link below


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