All about toothpaste in Thai of course

04/05/2016 0

Another free lesson in Thai, courtesy of Fabulous 103fm in Pattaya, where every week day we learn a phrase in Thai that you can use in your daily life.. with a bit of fun thrown […]

Don’t Give Up… Hang in There

03/14/2016 0

The Thai language can be a bit of a pain sometimes, what with odd tones, and sounds, but todays lesson is perfect for a Monday morning, easy to say, easy to remember and easy to […]

I Would Like to Go Out Tonight

03/12/2016 0

A chance to catch up on Friday’s Thai Time Lesson on Fabulous 103Fm in Pattaya. Ok Tommy is an idiot and finds Tha language difficult, but Zhazha is quite patient in todays two phrases.

Can you be nice and polite in Thai?

02/20/2016 0

Sometimes its cool to calm things down by speaking nicely.  And today.s easy lesson helps you do exactly that.  a great one for the weekend when temper sometimes flare up 🙂   click below to […]

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