A Lovers Tale from Pattaya

05/15/2017 0

On a rainy day in Pattaya, we shared the tale of a man in search of love and a family in search of fortune.. Listen below and let us know, what you have done… we […]

Fabulous Facts Feb 27th

02/27/2017 0

From the Morning show on Pattaya Radio  Fabulous 103Fm,   Fabulous facts shares show business gossip, a lookback in time, “Famous Wrinklies” with birthdays today and  of course, the burning question of the day.. Enjoy […]

Christmas FUN News

02/22/2017 0

A few times a year we get to have FUN with the news, Christmas in pattaya is one of them.  Thailand’s Fabulous 103FM has news daily, and usually its not quite as touching as this […]

It’s Back!

11/18/2016 0

Yes kids the Fabulous 103 School Quiz is back on Monday, Denny Jackson will be reading out the questions during drive time each day and you can answer them online for a chance to win […]

Take Care Kids Party in Pattaya

07/10/2016 0

Saturday the 9th saw the children from Take Care Kids  given a huge surprise as Fabulous 103Fm joined with the Staff at Mediterranean Garden Resort in Pong and Nick the Pizza to throw them their […]

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