She took his Money, Did he deserve it?

04/25/2016 0

She had an Australian BF. He has lots of money. She wanted a better  life. He treat her “not good”. She put up with  him till one day he asked  his friend to call her and […]

Would You Tell Her?

03/14/2016 1

In Thailand, relationships seem more complicated perhaps, but in todays Her Tune on Fabulous 103, A Thai guy wrote in. His american Girlfriend was away and he woke up, next to another girl. Now his […]

Thai Shopoholic wife runs up big bills

02/24/2016 0

He loves her, she loves shopping, whats the cure? A western man contacted us about his Thai wife of 3 years.  here in Pattaya she blew 90,000 baht on his credit card. Any suggestions?  Comments […]

Was your partner once gay?

02/24/2016 0

We dont make these up and today’s her tune comes from  a Thai lady in a predicament.. Let us know what you think, by commenting below

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