Car Wash After Songkran

Where to return your car, truck or motorbike back to its former glory after Songkran?

N One, the brand new car wash at the bottom of Soi Nurm Plab wan opened just before Songkran and boasts the most modern of cleaning equipment, designed to give your car its old “showroom shine” again.

Operated under Euoprean management and with a team trained to use popoer chemicals and equipment not just an old rag and a pressure washer, we have tested this place out and they even got the Fab 103 truck to look like new again. so we recommend them to you

DIRECTIONS: Driving toward the bottom of Nurm Plab Wan,  turn right toward the fishing park and look for the signs for N One.  they are easy to find, and you can relax, watch TV or use their Wifi and even enoy a quick meal or snack there while your car is revived



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