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Don’t Panic!

Dear readers and listeners, we recently made some updates and improvements to the site and consequently some errors may appear from time to time and the most common one you may see is the dreaded 404 page not found.

There is a simple solution to this which I will detail shortly but first a bit about browser cache.

Your browser, Explorer, Firefox, chrome etc uses cache to speed up browsing which means it is using a saved copy of recently visited sites. There are several ways to set this, ie never clear cache, clear cache on exit, clear cache after a certain period of time has elapsed etc etc.

So how do we clear cache? Well we don’t really want to do that unless it is absolutely necessary, instead we can Bypass the cache but how do we do that then? Easy peasy. For most windows browsers just hold down ctrl and F5 together, you may need to close the tab or even better the browser and start her up again, then access the site from the new url which is and hey presto, it should all work.

Follow this link for an extensive list of browsers and how to refresh or clear the cache.

If you still have problems you can take a screen shot and send it to support or just send the url of the page that is giving you problem (that’s the bit in the address bar, just highlight it by clicking it and copy using ctrl+C then ctrl+V to paste).

Feel free to contact support Contact Us

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