The first of the four dead party goer who died when Phuket’s Tiger Discotheque was engulfed in flames on early Friday morning has been identified as Britain Michael Zouvanni.

While the other three remain un-named at this time, Mr. Zouvanni was Identified from his medical records, sent from the UK.  His Brother having already flown to Thailand as they had lost contact with him and knew that he had been in the Disco during the fire.

It is reported that at some time during the early stages of the fire, around 4 in the morning , the Englishman has been on the telephone to a friend in the UK and told him that the club was in flames

In addition to the cause being unknown there is now som speculation that the Polystyrene used to “enhance” the club had in fact acted as a conduit for the flames and caused much of the heavy smoke.  Police and Forensics experts are still working to discover the true cause of the fire and no further information is available at this time

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